Monthly Archives: June 2011

A laundry system that works

One thing I do a lot of lately is laundry! With 4 small kids (3 of whom love dirt), 2 adults, and various towels, bedding, and miscellaneous items (tablecloths!), we end up doing at least 1 load most days. And with a split level and lots of stairs, it is a lot of work to […]

Freezer mentality

I just had a baby. Well, not just. She’s two months old at this point! But before she was expected, I filled our freezer so I could have less to do when she was young. I made shwarma pies, jachnoon, quiches, kugels, and more. The biggest thing was 12 pounds of meatballs I rolled and […]

Menu plan Monday

After some debate, I have adjusted my weekly template. It’s so hard to get a new recipe in on Tuesday with summer, travel, kids, etc. that for now, I’m changing it to breakfast for dinner (BFD) night! I also have some frozen ground beef I need to start using, so there is more than normal […]

Weekly menu plan

Breakfasts (we don’t mind the same thing several days, so I just have a few things on hand): Cereal with milk yogurt with toppings (fruit, granola, and chocolate chips) Toast with cream cheese and jam French toast casserole (Sunday–leftover Shabbat challah) Lunches: Macaroni and cheese Rice and veggies Corn on the cob and quesadillas Sandwiches […]

Easy garlic peanut sauce

This is a good, no-cook peanut sauce. Will the snobby tasters like it? Who knows? But we like it as a good sauce for pasta (a little runnier consistency), dipping veggies (thick), and even chicken. You can adjust the garlic, spice, and consistency for your needs. I make it on the fly, without real measurements, […]

General weekly menu plan

Menu planning around here is casual but critical, and so different from how I started married life! I have a set group of things to keep in the house, and then I see what else we have and what’s on sale, and use that to base my menus on. Plus I have a backup list […]

The other homeschooling socialization

One major concern that people bring up about homeschooling is socialization. I don’t think that is usually a problem with the playdates and homeschooling groups out there. Kids do not exist in a kid vacuum! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it. That was what popped up as a suggested picture for this post…) But there is […]

I don’t pay for razors or toothpaste anymore…

I get them for free! No, not the infamous 5-finger discount, but just watching sales and using coupons wisely. I’m not an extreme couponer. I actually saw a special on that recently, and I was shocked. People spend 40 or more hours couponing each week. They have stockpiles of things that will last them years, […]