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We’re not terribly traditional when it comes to Shavuot foods. We like dairy here, and more than half prefer dairy to meat. So we enjoy this holiday – although dh holds that for a Yom Tov, he should eat meat, so there is some of that, too. Here is our pretty simple menu from Shavuot 2012:

Night 1 (Dairy) Note this starts so late that we didn’t have too much–it was 9:45 before my dh even got home!

Sour cherry soup



Lunch 1 (Dairy)

Challah and salads (the usual for us: roasted eggplant, pepper, hummus, and zhug)

Pasta and sauces (garlic peanut sauce, tomato sauce, alfredo sauce)

“Salad” sliced and prepared by older kids (cucumbers, carrots, apples, bananas, and blueberries arranged nicely on a plate)

ice cream and dairy candy

Night 2 (Meat)

Challah and salads

Sesame beef and rice

Green salad


Lunch 2 (Dairy): Mexican!


7 layer dip and chips (“refried” beans, rice, crushed nacho chips, cheese, taco sauce, and guacamole. I guess you could add sour cream if you like it and actually need 7 layers to your 7-layer dip.)


Ice cream

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