Foods for Erev Yom Kippur 1

Should be an easy cooking week, right?

Except…the tradition is to eat more than normal on erev Yom Kippur. Two complete meals. And it should be like a yom tov for food.

So what’s on your menu? Traditionally, both meals should be easy to digest and protein based (often fish for the first meal and/or chicken for both). Not spicy, salty, garlicky, etc. In our house, the first meal before is the bigger of the two, and the second is mostly fluid and more ceremonial. Some traditional dishes:

  • round challah with honey (in keeping with the Rosh Hashanah theme of being sealed for life and a sweet year)
  • kreplach (meat filled pasta, served in soup or fried: meat symbolizes death/judgment and we cover it with mercy or compassion–the dough, can also be filled with potatoes or another filling)
  • fish, but not for the meal immediately before the fast

We usually do pasta some kind (dairy for my kids, chicken or meat for my meat-loving-dh) and fish for the meal before minchah, and the some kind of soup with kreplach for the second meal. Other common foods for before a fast:

  • fruit (lots of water)
  • soup (again, water)
  • chicken (protein: not too spicy, salty, or seasoned)
  • pasta
  • comfort foods (mashed potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, etc)

So what are you serving?

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