Menu planning Monday

This week, Yom Kippur throws off a normal Shabbat rhythm. Instead of regular Shabbat meals, there are two meals before Yom Kippur and one to break the fast on Saturday night. Those meals shouldn’t be spicy, salty, or too sweet to help us fast well. Plus we are just coming off of a three day Yom Tov for Rosh Hashanah, so things are different this week!

As always, we keep breakfast and lunch flexible depending on what we’re in the mood (for with the ingredients on hand.)

Breakfasts: Yogurt, cereal, and eggs (and fruit)

Lunches: Sandwiches, pizza bagels, and quesadillas (and a veggie)

Sunday: (Fast day!) cream of mushroom soup for breaking the fast

Monday: (Clean Out your Refrigerator Night) CORN (Shabbat leftover kugels, deli roll, salads.)

Tuesday: (Breakfast for dinner night): Omlettes with veggies

Wednesday: beans and rice burritos

Thursday: (Pasta night): Rotini with tomato sauce and garlic cheese bread.

Friday: Before mincha meal: Challah and honey, Moroccan fish (mildly seasoned), bagels and cream cheese, lasagna.

Friday after mincha: Challah and honey, chicken soup with kreplach, fruit.

Shabbat lunch: packed in lunchbox for kids: juicebox, sandwich, baggies of nuts and cereal, string cheese, apple slices, carrots, and cookies.

(Breaking the fast) Challah and honey, cream of mushroom soup, fruit, and ice cream.

What are your menu plans for the week? If you blog about it, please put a link to your menu plan in the comments below.

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