Strawberry honey mustard dressing


If, for some reason, I forgot to write down the kind of salad dressing I was planning to buy, and thus forgot to check it and add it to my shopping list for a holiday, this invented-on-the-spot dressing would be a good substitute. Good even for lunches with guests. In fact, it would earn compliments from said guests–hypothetically speaking, of course. 😉

Dresses salad for 6 – 8 adult servings

Strawberry honey mustard dressing

  • 2T strawberry jelly
  • 1T honey mustard (I used a honey jalepeno mustard, since that’s what we had)
  • 2t olive oil
  • 1T – 1.5T rice vinegar or cider vinegar (depends on acidity you like)

Mix ingredients well, tasting and adjusting as you like. That’s it!

The jelly makes this dressing a little thicker, like a commercial dressing, and the seasoning in the mustard plus the vinegar gives it a little bite. Combined with the sweetness of the strawberry jelly, it’s delicious! Really good on spinach, feta, pecan, and craisin salad.

Hypothetically speaking, that is.

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