Menu planning Monday (Sukkot part 2)

This week, we have another 3 day Yom Tov run. We had a lot of guests (both eating and sleeping) over the first days, and a lot of leftovers, so we’re taking it easier this time. And yes, my menu is different than I originally planned–things keep changing. The cousins we have sleeping here had other preferences, I had a lot of two kugels left and not a lot of a third, etc. Last, we never get everyone together to eat a full meal at a decent hour on Simchat Torah, so we are having simpler meals and snacks then. And after this month of eating and eating, we are ready for simpler altogether! So we’re shaking it up this week.

As always, we keep breakfast and lunch flexible depending on what we’re in the mood (for with the ingredients on hand.)

Chol HaMoed Breakfasts: Yogurt with M and Ms (less expensive Yocrunch), cereal, and eggs (and fruit)

Sunday: Lunch falafel, dinner pizza out with cousins!

Monday: Lunch: Sandwiches, Dinner: (Clean Out your Refrigerator Night) CORN (Yom Tov leftover kugels, sesame noodles, salads.)

Tuesday: Lunch: out with cousins, Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza soup

Wednesday: Lunch: Macaroni and cheese

Wednesday night: Challah, salads (roasted eggplant, hummus, pepper salad, olive tapenade, and zhug), corn chowder, lamb stew, sweet potato, chocolate chip cookies, spiced apple cider

Thursday lunch: Challah and salads, lasagna, squash kugel, sesame noodles, fruit, caramel cake, spiced apple cider

Thursday night: Challah and salads, sesame beef and rice, squash kugel, fruit, caramel cake, spiced apple cider

Friday lunch: Challah, Bagels and cream cheese, veggie platter, chocolate chip cookies, fruit

Friday night: Challah and salads, BBQ beef sandwiches , kugels, snappy orange brownies (a variation on the peppermint)

Shabbat lunch: Challah, salads, cold cuts, sesame noodles, snappy orange brownies

Seudah Shlishit: ***Items from eruv tavshillin***

What are your menu plans for the week? If you blog about it, please put a link to your menu plan in the comments below.

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