Welcome to our Sukkah!

Baruchim Habayim! Welcome to our Sukkah!

You can see our schach (roof) here, along with a welcome sign courtesy of DS7 and DS4. I won’t show you the back, which is backward. I guess I should be a little more careful when laminating, right?

Our walls are devoid of a lot of the art we had made. It started downpouring  the day before Sukkot started (and continued for three days–and we’re expecting more) and the kids really wanted to take them down, so we have some fruit for decor, although the walls are beautiful on their own (it’s a big reason I chose this fabric when having it made). I’m a little sad that we don’t have the beautiful pictures and sukkot decorations up (including the 75 foot long paper chain the kids worked on for weeks!), but they didn’t want the rain to spoil it and I couldn’t laminate it, although they tried to find a way. 😉  Next year, maybe we’ll do a foam “paper” chain. And laminate a lot earlier and more.

Here is our Sukkah as you are stepping in. Note the garbage can outside the door and the storage just inside (for disposable goods, snacks, drinks, benchers, etc.) Be sure to check out my post on tips to make eating and hosting in the sukkah easier!


Here is another view of our sukkah, complete with kids’ table.

And here’s a view from the back corner.

 And I have to close with my favorite from this year. This is DS7 and DS4. What loving brothers!

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