Parshat Noach (Noah) 3

Rainbow cupcakes from

This week’s Torah Parsha (portion) is Noach. It’s got a perfect man (Noach), a bunch of animals (and not just 2 of each, you know), a really big boat, some water (OK, a TON!), and a rainbow. And those are just some of the elements!

This week, we’ve read the parsha a couple of times and talked about a lot of pieces, each child on their own level. (That’s how we do it around here; a bit of a lesson, then my 2 year old wanders off, a little more, then off goes the 4.5 year old, and then some one on one time with my 7 year old.) They really were touched by the idea that Hashem is like a daddy who doesn’t react to his errant children hurting him (like idolatry) , but once they start hurting each other (robbery), he punishes them (the flood). And they thought it would be really cool to have everyone in the whole world speaking the same language–and I agree!

LinksHere are the, and Chabad pages on Haazinu. Here are some coloring sheets and a parsha song.

Ideas (mostly focused on rainbos, but you could do animals, or even trusting in Hashem):

Rainbow desserts, of course! Rainbow challah

or these yummy 7 layer cookies


rainbow cookies 

rainbow cupcakes


rainbow topped cupcakes

rainbow fudge


You might be able to tell we love to bake here! (Here’s a cookie cutter set that would be awesome for this parsha, too!) That should have you covered for dessert. 😉

rainbow of foods at the table – on skewers or not. (Red apples, carrots, yellow bananas, sugar snap peas, blueberries, plums, grapes…we’ll see what we can find).

animal crackers are making an appearance on our table just for fun. We’re buying ours, but you could totally make your own!

Make parsha “comic” books with key pesukim–they got to illustrate each verse and then staple the quarter pages together. They like making books, so this is a great activity for these good story parshiot–here is the
Bereshit one we used part of from

Here’s a cute activity pack for Noach

Some more Montessori – style activities, like a rainbow sensory tub and animal sort 

Make a rainbow pasta necklace or rainbow on paper

Make a mabul (ark) cake (here’s another stunner)– maybe a marbled mabul cake!

Try a rainbow in a glass: maybe yours turns out better than ours did!

How about an olive tapenade to remember the olive branch the dove brought back? My recipe receives rave reviews!

Make a rainbow perler bowl (plus other ideas, too!)

How about a rainbow rice sensory bin?

What are you doing for Parshat Noach?

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