Emergency cards

An important piece of emergency preparedness is your emergency card. (Around daylight savings adjustments, I always check into and update my emergency preparedness plan and kit, so there will be several posts on these topics coming up!)

Each person should carry a card in their wallets and/or backpacks with important information on it:

  • Name (and age for kids)
  • Contact numbers (spouse, home, parents)
  • Medical information: Blood type, any medical conditions, any allergies, medications, and approximate weight
  • Out of state contact information

A sheet with every family member’s information should both in your car(s) (although you can consider modifying the info just in case the car is stolen or broken into) and your emergency kit, too. Children’s schools should also have this information.

You can print this rough template (Emergency card template) or fill out and print one from a website like this. Save it to your computer and update regularly. Again, I do this at the change of the daylight savings time, so twice a year. Sign up for the OJH e-mail list (see the box at the top right of the page) and get the reminders!

May you never have to use it.

Do you have an emergency card? What does yours have and where are they?

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