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Lech Lecha is this week’s parsha. It is a traditional place for a child to start reading and learning chumash. This parsha is where Avram (soon to be Avraham) takes a leap of faith and leaves his family home to set out for parts unknown, makes a detour to Egypt where his wife is kidnapped and returned, parts ways with and then rescues his nephew Lot, has a son with Hagar, and has a brit and name change at the advanced age of 99. A lot of options as far as talking points! (See the Lech Lecha page from Chabad or Aish for ideas, too).

We are working on reading, translating, and decoding this parsha using a trial run of this free sample workbook for my 7 year old. We are also living overseas temporarily, and we’ve talked about how that feels now even with internet connectivity to communicate with family and friends from all over and all sorts of information on where we’re going. How much more difficult must it have been for Avram? Yes, he was promised greatness, but it was still a huge leap of faith!

Here are the Chabad and Aish homepages for the parsha. Find an entertaining and kid-friendly summary hereHere and here are free songs for this parsha, a Jewish audio story you can listen to or download about Sarah in Egypt, and Lech Lecha coloring pages you can print.

Some other ideas:

Make easy scratch-off stars

How about Lech Lecha sand trifles?

Make a footprint path or a star globe

Make some yummy donut stars!

Do a Bris / Brit Bein HaBesarim activity

Make glittering stars (glitter glue and paper) or star cut out cookies and decorate

Use this printable to put pictures of the kids on stars – we are Avraham’s descendents!

Go camping inside – like Avram’s tent!

Here (animals), here (stars and sand) and here (suitcase) are cute parsha cake ideas


Don’t forget  the wonderful chinuch.org for almost any educational need!

Happy Lech Lecha!

What else should be added here? What are you doing this week?

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