Parsha project resources

I have some ideas of parsha projects here, but there are so many choices out there! Of course, Aish and Chabad have tons of things in their sites (see my parsha posts for specific links to some goodies). Here are a few others that are in my bookmarks:

Parsha projects: crafts and snacks

Parsha Cakes: cakes. Just what it sounds like! 😉

Challah crumbs: A little bit of everything

Adventures in Mama-Land: Parsha worksheets and ideas

Jewish Homeschool: worksheets, parsha crafts

Creative Jewish Mom: mostly general crafts, but some more parsha-related

Parsha pages: sudoku, word search, etc.

Double portion: some other recipes and insights

Themed thinking: Geared to families and even adults, here is another recipe blog on the parsha

Kosher Nice Time Cartoons: Parshiot in the graphic novel style, using chumash and midrash

I would love more ideas from you!



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