Updating your emergency kit

How can you be sure you have updated items in your emergency kit?

First, check out what can expire, been outgrown, or stop working. Make your list and keep two copies: one on your kit and one in your Control Journal/ Shalom Bayit Book. As you work through the kit, you can mark replacement needs on your calendar, and as you change children’s clothes and diaper sizes out, don’t forget about the emergency kit (and your vehicle, day care, and/or school, while you’re at it!)

Here is what I have on my list to update (along with the dates to do it!):

  • Food. Ideally, you could get things that expire at similar times. But if that’s not realistic, just keep track of it.
  • Water. It lasts for quite a while, of course, but not forever!
  • First aid items, especially OTC meds
  • Prescription meds
  • Clothing and shoe sizes
  • Batteries
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Diapers sizes and wipes

Make the most of your emergency kit so everything is ready in case you need it .

About Amital

A die-hard listmaker and observant Jewish mommy of 5, managing the challenges of life bit by bit with the help of a Shalom Bayit book and lists. And chocolate, of course. Lots of chocolate.

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