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This week’s parsha is full of things we wouldn’t normally talk to our kids about (except for some to say not to do them!): Infertility struggles for Yitzchak and Rivka, eventually resulting in a difficult pregnancy and twins Esau and Yaakov, parents favoring one child, kids fighting and selling a birthright for a bowl of soup, the digging of wells, mother and child tricking the father for a blessing…Hey, whatever Hashem says goes, but I’m not encouraging it short of a voice from heaven. (And no, that doesn’t include a child laying on the top bunk bed and trying for a deep voice commanding Mommy to let the kids eat candy all day. Just for the record.) 😉

Links: Here are the Aish, Torahtots,, and Chabad pages on Toldot. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy (my older boys love this series). Here’s a kid-friendly podcast about the parsha to listen to as you work.

This week, we are making our version of “that red, red pottage” – the soup that Esau sold his birthright for. We make a great red lentil soup that is really delicious (see photo above – I promise, the soup is better than the photo looks!)

Here are some other ideas with links and photos:

If lentils aren’t doing it for you, how about lamb stew and a host of other gourmet autumn treats? (It’s a Joy of Kosher link)

Try this parsha overview, focusing in especially on the twin story and very kid friendly:

You could also make a red candy “stew” for dessert – like this


Make Yaakov and Esav (Jacob and Esau) masks

How about baby Yaakov and Esav cakes?

Try out some Montessori-inspired parsha activities, like a red collage and a fuzzy fabric matching game

We’re also talking about the wells and the importance of avoiding unnecessary conflict.

It’s kind of an extension of chesed from last week. And come on – in a house with 4 young kids, I’m always looking for less conflict. Please. 🙂

Any other ideas for this week? What do you think of this new picture format for the parsha pages?

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