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Remember the post I did on keeping younger kids busy a few weeks ago?

One of the options was busy bags. A busy bag is a task for younger kids, all grouped together and ready to be brought out to entertain as needed. I bought a bag of 30 of these here (they currently aren’t selling them, but they might do it again some time), and have started using them. Some ROCK, some are iffy, some are for older kids, and some we haven’t broken out yet. But I thought I’ll  write them up for you as I go, including my own ideas and projects.

Are you excited yet?

Stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Busy bags

  • Amital Post author

    Hi Shaindy-

    Some would be really easy to make, but I’ll start putting them up as we go. I’m getting pictures, too. DS2 is happy to have his “own work” while DS5 and DS7 are doing school. So far, so good!

    Your site is really nice! I’m going to have to e-mail you about what you’ve done with it and get some advice. I’d like to spruce OJH up some, too! 😉