Freezer organization: Starting the great freezer kugel adventure 4

OK….so that title might be a little more grandiose than the reality. Maybe. But I’ve started re-stocking up my freezer, and that means chronicling the great freezer kugel adventure here at OJH!

What does it mean? Basically, I have a bunch of kugels/quiches/veggie dishes frozen in quantity. I try to make a big batch of various kugels a few times a month and then add them to my collection to mix and match for that week and other weeks. It’s great to have them frozen to take out so you don’t have to worry about side dishes for Shabbat. And it makes sending chesed meals easier. And you can always just have it for dinner as a main dish some night! (For Shabbat, these are usually side dishes – in our house, at least!)

I try new ones out sometimes, but here is a standard lineup: broccoli, spinach, butternut squash, sweet potato, potato, noodle, sweet corn “cake”…it varies by what is in season, what we like, etc. But a variety ensures it’s not the same each week – something my family likes. (A kind reader left a recipe for Kusa be jiben / zucchini cheese kugel in the comments on this post, too. Sounds yummy!)

I’ll be adding more to the post, and probably linking it up under the top menu when it’s bulked up some more, but I wanted to start it for you.

Yesterday, I made broccoli kugel. I took 7 pounds of broccoli and made them into 3 9″ square kugels (serves 6-10 as one of several sides) and 5 mini broiler pans (serves 4-6) of kugel.  See the link above for the kinds of kugel.

(Not a great photo, I know, but it turns out that aluminum foil doesn’t photograph so well–at least with the basic camera I have. Believe me, I tried!)

Do you have a Shabbat stock in your freezer? What kugels do you make? Any recipes? I’m always eager for more!

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4 thoughts on “Freezer organization: Starting the great freezer kugel adventure

  • Rachel levy

    Kusa be jiben for middle eastern jews or zucchini cheese kugel for European Jews
    Onions, chopped
    Zucchini, grated or sliced depending on how chunky you like it
    Mozzarella cheese
    Ricotta cheese
    Garlic powder

    Carmelize onions in a sauté pan. Squeeze excess liquid out of zucchini. Add to the onions once they are golden. Remove from heat and add to baking dish then add eggs, cheese and spices. Sorry I’m not providing quantities but I gues the ratio of zucchini to onions is an 4:1 or just wing it and enjoy! Bake on 350 until golden on top and set.

    • Amital Post author

      Hi Luba!

      I find that cake-like kugels (squash, carrot, corn) and eggy kugels (spinach, broccoli, potato) freeze best. Many people also do noodle kugels, which only turn out OK for me. I freeze, defrost covered, and reheat covered (unless it’s really wet, which sometimes happens with potato kugel) in a hot oven with no problems or noticeable taste difference.

      For this time of year, I do a butternut squash kugel that’s like cake (already have a bunch frozen) and then corn, since it’s in season. It’s mix and match here, which makes weekly preparations so much easier!