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Joseph recognized by his brothers, by Léon Pie...

Yosef is revealed

Parshat Vayigash:

Here we clear up the cliffhanger from last week’s parsha and finish the story of Yosef. When Yosef sees their loyalty, he reveals who he is and forgives them for selling him. He gives them lavish gifts. The brothers go back and get their father, who lives out his life in Egypt with a promise from Hashem that he will prosper and his family grow. They get the fertile land of Goshen, and Yosef takes wealth of Egypt. The family prospers.

Links: Here are the Aish,, and Chabad pages on Vayigash. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy (my older boys love this silly series).

Some ideas for this week:

Make a mask and “reveal” yourself! We have some masks left over from Purim that we will decorate and have a “grand reveal” with.

Yosef mask

You could make food that has something hidden inside like stuffed matzah balls or stuffed cabbage.

Stuffed cabbage recipe

Draw a maze (or generate one online for free) to help Yosef “reconnect” with his brothers.

Help Yosef find his brothers!

You might have some gelt leftovers from Hanuka, so you could use them to symbolize the riches of Egypt – or make some!

Homemade gelt!

Or a parsha cake for the Shabbos table

Settling in Goshen

You can find some mapwork and copywork on the parsha at Adventures in Mama-Land (scroll down to the list of parshiot).

Mapwork for Vayigash

If (!) your kids fight this week, there might be lesson in forgiving in there somewhere, too… 🙂

What are you up to this week?

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