52 week challenge week 9: Guest area 3

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English: A pile of pillows.

As we’re going into the Purim and Pesach holidays, it’s a good time to get your guest area(s) cleaned up and organized.

The specifics vary depending on what kind of guest area you have. Whether it’s a room or an extra stack of pillows and bedding, now is a good week to review it and:

  • declutter (especially if this space has become a dumping ground!)
  • inventory what you have and what you need (see below for what I try to provide)
  • clean the space

Now what makes a good guest area depends on your guests, and really, none of this is necessary. But some things I like and try to include for guests are:

  • at least one and preferably two pillows per (adult) guest
  • sufficient blankets, and maybe an extra in case anyone is cold
  • a clock (especially if your guest area is in the basement with no sunlight!)
  • a Shabbat lamp
  • water to drink and snacks, sitting out or in the kitchen
  • towels and toiletries (samples are great for this, just in case)
  • information on your internet connection (a guest letter is a good.)

Is there anything you would add? How are you doing on your organizing?

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A die-hard listmaker and observant Jewish mommy of 5, managing the challenges of life bit by bit with the help of a Shalom Bayit book and lists. And chocolate, of course. Lots of chocolate.

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3 thoughts on “52 week challenge week 9: Guest area

  • You know who

    The toiletries I stock are toothpaste and toothbrush, floss, ibuprofen, q-tips, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, lotion, water and towels are tucked away in a large basket I got once as a hostess gift. I got this idea from a good friend of mine, Naomi,,and I get compliments on it from all my guests. One even took a picture of it to re-make at her house!