5 weeks until Passover: checklists and planning 1

Handmade shmura matzo used at the Passover Sed...

Download the whole planner by clicking OJH_Countdown to Pesach and get a one page simplified calendar for planning by clicking OJH Pesach planning calendar 2012. See 6 weeks to go checklist here.

5 weeks to go: Lists and menus to plan, oh my!

Plan menus, especially using inventory:

  • Purim seudah
  • Snacks/meals for the 1-1.5 weeks before Pesach (including lunches)
  • Snacks/meals for the week after Pesach
  • Pesach menu, including snacks for kiddos

Write up a plan of attack for koshering the house and kitchen. Remember to include the 24 hour rest period, and adjust as needed in weekly plan (see the one page OJH Pesach planning calendar 2012 for some space to work)

Review Shalom Bayit book: any questions, ask shailas, review shaila page.

Start keeping an eye out for Passover food, and snatch those loss leader deals (super low prices meant to lure you in)! You can adjust your menu as needed, but paying less for something you will use is always good.

Shopping lists galore:

  • Pesach kitchen goods needed (cutting boards, pots, urn, etc.)
  • Clothes for each family member
  • Hostess gifts and kid gifts (books for us!)
  • Afikomen gifts
  • Any costumes needed for Pesach play or other kid activities?
  • Wine and/or grape juice (order?)
  • Candles: 2 3-day candles, yahrzeit candles as needed, candles to light (x5 nights outside of Israel)
  • Matzah (order, shmura needed?)
  • Purim needs: costumes, containers, food for MM
  • Judaica: seder plate, afikomen bag, cups (measure capacity before!), kos shel Eliyahu
  • Food, using menus:
    • Far ahead (things to stock up on starting now)
    • 1-1.5 weeks ahead
    • 3 days before cooking (produce and veggies)

Have you started your Passover prep yet? What are you working on?

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