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This week, we’re working on our guest areas. (See more about the challenges here).

We are often blessed with guests, and have a good space for sleepover guests, too. Because we have a little bit of a funky lighting system and some other quirky things (no, I’m not referring to the kids here!), plus want our guests to be able to access the internet while they are here (obviously not on Shabbat/Yom Tov), we have a guest letter. It’s laminated and hanging on a hook as you walk into the guest room for easy access.

We made ours a little silly since that’s the breed of guest we most often have, but you could go for all serious, too. Tailor it to fit your family and guests. But here’s a start (check out the word doc, complete with better formatting, here):



Welcome to (OJH) B&B, where we promise a bed, some breakfast, and super cute noise- and mess-makers galore.

Your housekeepers today were (kids’ names). Should you have any questions or concerns, please call, “Help, (kids’ names!)”  You will be promptly answered. (Possibly jumped on. You have been warned.)

Toiletries and other toilet things: Shower goodies are available in the shower. Should you require any additional toiletries or extra tp, please check the cupboard under the sink. (Preferably before the situation becomes stinky and dire, for everyone’s sake.)

FREE Wi-Fi: Network: name, Password:password

(House specific information: lighting, food location, etc. Example:)

Light switches: In keeping with our decorating theme, our light scheme is funky. The switch at the bottom of the stairs lights the entire basement. Behind the door to this guest room, however, is a hidden, secret switch just for your room. (So you don’t have to run out in your pjs to switch off the light. Or maybe we should have kept it a secret and waited on the stairs?)

We hope you have a great stay. We love having guests and having fun with them. Come again!


(on the back of the sheet)

What’s around here, anyway?

The OJH B&B is located at address. Telephone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

(Specific information on area, including a nearby 24 hour pharmacy phone number just in case. We also have public transport info, including the trip planner web address, and some general minyan info.)


It just took a few minutes to write up, but our guests have loved it. And when it’s not Shabbat, it’s handy to have the internet information so easily accessible, plus an explanation of our lighting system (it’s not intuitive!).

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