4 weeks until Pesach: Planning, cleaning, and Purim sameach!

A Purim gragger, a kind of ratchet used in Jud...

Download the whole planner by clicking OJH_Countdown to Pesach and get a one page simplified calendar for planning by clicking OJH Pesach planning calendar 2012. See 6 weeks to go checklist and 5 weeks to go checklist, too.

This year is a lot more relaxed for me than last year, when I was due the first day of Passover. I had everything but our kitchen and dining room cleaned and ready by Purim! And I did a cooking day one Sunday a few weeks before Passover so we would have food ready whenever my little one decided to make her appearance. That tip, I think I’m going to do again this year–it made everything that much nicer in the last few days!

4 weeks until Pesach: Planning, cleaning, and Purim sameach!

Check little used areas for chametz:

  • attic
  • laundry room
  • bathrooms

Bake for Purim

Shop Purim seudah

Prep Purim seudah

Prep MM

Print Chametz signs and post as you clean

Deliver MM

Hear megillah x 2


Clean and check bedrooms

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