Our super Purim mishloach manot (super hero ideas) 2

As I’m wrapping up my Purim review and notes, I thought I’d share some of what we did with you. We were all super heroes, and so we did a super Purim. Here was our tag, although I blotted out our names from this picture. I found the superhero pictures online in several spots, cut them out, and made a master in regular paper size. Then I went to a copy shop, where they shrunk it to 4 per page and printed out color copies.

We made some easy groggers for us and for some other people (our homeschooling chesed group made the mishloach manot in the background for a nursing home.) For the groggers, we taped a circle of paper to the top of an empty soda can (with a small handful of beans inside), then cut a piece of paper to 4″ x 9″, decorated it, and taped it around the outside of the can.

I made these “Super” Samoa Hamentashen. YUM.

We used fun-sized M and Ms as our hero vitamin pellets – proven effective in conquering villians in lab tests 98% of the time (see these fun hero labels here). We also used juice boxes, which became hero juice (drink of choice for heroes since 1905), and for some people who don’t eat out, we gave some  hero chips (leap buildings in a single bound or your money back), too.

We also made some super hero lollypops (using the template here.)

Hope you all had a super Purim!

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