52 week challenge, Week11: Purim review, and check/organize little used areas

Homemade prune hamantashen

Purim is behind us! This is the time when many people really focus on getting ready for our next major holiday: Pesach.

But first, let’s close our SBB notes on Purim 2012. If you haven’t started a document for Purim, now is the time to start. List who you delivered to (and received from) for next year. And then write down your notes: what worked, what didn’t, and what would you like to do differently? What time was your seudah, and did that work? (With all the readings and delivering, that can be tricky.) And don’t assume you’ll remember, because you will ask next year what you did this year (I know this firsthand!)

After you’ve updated or started your Purim notes, time to get started on your Passover prep. You can use my 6 week OJH_Countdown to Pesach Planner(Or see posts with 6 weeks, 5 weeks, and 4 weeks, with 3 weeks to go coming this week). If you don’t have much preparation to do, or don’t want to start yet, that’s OK. You can still plan ahead – start gathering the Passover loss leaders at the stores you shop at, buy the clothing and gifts you will need, and start planning for guests and menus.

I’ve checked our basement and all the bedrooms but one, so we’re well on our way to getting the house into shape. I get those out of the way places done early so I can get everything done without cramming. And house rules say that no one should be taking food there anyway – so it’s not so much to find.

A note about Passover cleaning: I like to get mine started early because I like to declutter along with my cleaning, but it is by no means necessary! Be sure that you keep in mind what you need to do and extras. If you have time and energy for extras, great. If not, do what you need to and feel good about it!

Have you started on Passover cleaning? Are you going to this week?

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