Color coding the kids

Well, OK, not the actual kids themselves. I mentioned my kids’ colors last week in my packing post, and someone asked what that meant. So now I’ll explain. 🙂

My kids each have a color for some of their things. This makes it easier to tell whose towel is whose…

or whose water bottle needs refilling…

We also use colors for things like packing, toothbrushes, art display canvas (more on that to come), and to quickly mark something with the appropriately colored swipe of a marker. We have stuck with the most basic colors for now so we can almost always find an appropriately colored set; red, yellow, green, and blue. So far, it really works for us!

Do you do something to keep track of things that belong to your kids or family members?

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday (WFMW).


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