Vayachel-Pekudei: Resources and ideas

This week is a double parsha. We’re continuing on with the mishkan, reviewing what to make, the clothing for the cohenim, and then actually making the pieces and assembling the mishkan. Bnei Yisrael gave and gave of the precious materials needed, so much so that Moshe had to ask them to stop! After everything is made, Hashem comes to be with the Israelites, visible as a cloud above the mishkan.

Links: Here are the Aish (1 and 2),, and Chabad pages on Vayachel-Pekudei. Here are some coloring sheets and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy (my older boys love this silly series).

Some ideas:

Make this pop-up mishkan project

Make a quiche with ingredients that were donated (see recipe and explanation here)

explore some of the materials collected for the mishkan: gold, silver and copper; blue-, purple- and red-dyed wool; flax, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oil, spices and gems

English: Crystaline Gold

An idea from Hands on the Parsha: use up your Purim candy in a container with dividers: the candies represent the different things brought for the mishkan!

Make a what not to do cake

What other ideas do you have?

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