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As Passover is getting closer and closer, I want to give you some project ideas for kids. I’ve been saving these up for months, so there is a good selection! Of course, many projects focus on the plagues (this is always the case, and a little disturbing to me!), but there are many other ideas. I hope you use some of these and enjoy them as you make them and at your seder.

General ideas:

  • Let them decorate the house, using things like tp tube Moshe and other things from the holiday
  • Check out the OJH parsha resource and ideas pages for Vayera, Bo, and Beshalach, which cover the Passover story
  • Make a hagada with your children that is on their level (more on ours in another post bli neder)
  • Practice and let them perform a Passover play (reenactment in our house)
  • Find some good Passover books at their level and let them read (here are a few to get your started: Nachshon, who was afraid to swim, Passover is here (flaps), or check out this post for 10 good Passover books for kids.)
  • Find a few good Passover videos and let them watch: here are several free to stream and here is a Shalom Sesame to buy
  • Not Passover related, but some good ideas for occupying the kiddos: Busy bags

Preparation: Let them help! This probably the best way to teach household Passover concepts.

  • They can clean their rooms (what level of supervision is needed is up to you)
  • help with tasks in the kitchen like wiping down cupboards or counters
  • help with things like polishing the Pesach silver, etc.
  • help with seder tasks like making charoset–my kids each make their own version for our table
  • if you eat kitniyot, show them how to check and let them help (although their checking doesn’t count for us–ask if you have questions on that)

4 Questions:

  • The order of these vary, depending on your minhag/tradition. This is an interesting thing to talk about.
  • Practice them so they can sing them at the seder (here is a free downloadable version, and here is a list of possibilities-some free and some under $1)


  • Here is a really cute 10 plagues printable: cut them out and put them on sticks for a play! Or check out these placards (and part 2)
  • Make your own 10 plague kit
  • Coloring pages or more coloring
  • Blood: red food coloring, red jello, etc… (we don’t actually do much here for this one)
  • Frogs: make an origami jumping frog or your own plague of frogs
  • Lice: plastic bugs, or use a stamp pad and finger print for the lice bodies. Then use a marker to make the legs of the lice.
  • Wild animals: use modeling clay to make the animals, make an animal mask
  • Animal sickness (pestilence): “kill” off the animals
  • Boils: Sticker dots, pompoms, and itching. Lots of itching.
  • Hail made of fire and ice: mini marshmallows (a good treat for to tide kids over for the rest of the seder), cotton balls
  • Locusts: coloring page, or buy some bugs from Oriental Trading Company (like these or these) and toss them around
  • Darkness: see here for a melted crayon craft, or my kids like to (briefly) cover people in blankets for this one (and then lay on them since the Egyptians couldn’t move–feel free to skip that part if you prefer).
  • Death of the firstborn: sleeping mask or sunglasses, or a condolence card (be sensitive, though!)

Splitting of the sea


Other ideas (click the photos to go to the link):

Make a fun craft for bedikat chametz.

Glass seder plate (with glued on sea glass pieces)


Foam or cardboard seder plate


Seder plate “discovery” zone – like a touch and feel museum for kids!


Make a fun, low-sew afikomen bag (or just decorate a pillowcase)

Make an etched glass matza tray

Or make this fun fabric matza tray

Matza cover with stencils here (no photo on this)

Make a pillowcase like this, or simply color one with fabric or permanent markers

Decorate a wine bottle so it looks like it’s wearing a tux! (go to the link for the pictures.)


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