52 week challenge Week 14: Pesach and the kitchen

Handmade shmura matzo used at the Passover Sed...

This week’s challenge is easy to guess – Pesach prep! This week is going to be the kitchen for many (most?) of us, which is by far the most labor intensive part of the process. Then, after the turnover, you still have to cook and feed your family (without using your built-in appliances).

Since I’m doing my own Pesach prep, and have shared a lot of it, here is a selection of posts to move you on your way.

Here are a few shiurim on the Passover kitchen to listen to as you work:

  • Laws of the kitchen
  • Laws for kashering the home
  • Different shiurim from webyeshiva

May this week be peaceful and calm as we prepare to usher in Passover!

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