Keep an eye out for Passover sales!

Passover Goods

Passover Goods (Photo credit: msabcmom)

We’re most of the way through Passover now, and retailers know that. They are starting to mark down Passover food and items like seder plates. They don’t want to store them away from the year – but maybe you do!

If you need any Judaica items for Passover (seder plate, brocade set, tablecloth, Eliyahu’s cup), now is the time to get them for next year! There is still a pretty good selection available, and it is generally at one of the lower prices for the year. For example, Eichler‘s online store is advertising up to 70% off Passover items. Your local store may be, too.

And Passover food is on sale as well. It’s only at about 50% off here for most things, but that percentage will get higher – and the supply lower. If there is something you’re set on, now is the time. If you’ll take whatever and make it work, then it can probably wait until after.

As to what you can save, we’ve done cake mixes, matza meals, canned goods, and even nut flours and spices (best stored in the freezer!) Anything fresh, Coke, ready-made cakes, and other things don’t keep so well as a general rule. We even have some pancake mix and syrup left from last year (when I was due on Passover and looking for easy foods for someone other than me to make!) The kids enjoyed it this year since we usually don’t buy things like that.

You will need to note everything as you buy it so you don’t duplicate it next year, but it’s worth it to buy ahead for many things.

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