Busy bag: Felt cooking

I’m putting together two busy bags that are very similar here. This is a review for felt “cooking” – assembling felt pieces into a sandwich

(Hungry? DS2 wants to offer you a sandwich!)

and pieces for a pizza

The sandwich had bread, lettuce, a piece of cheese, and what my kids decided was two types of peanut butter. 🙂

The pizza had a round crust and a slightly smaller round sauce, pepperoni (small red circles), white and yellow cheese shreds, and mystery green squares/rectangles, which my kids decided are herbs. Or spinach. Either way.

This went over pretty well. DS2 had a fun time making the sandwich and taking it around for everyone to “eat” (maybe not the best idea if you’re looking for your child to entertain themselves for a period of time!), and he simply dumped the pizza ingredients on the crust and offered it to us. DS5 and DS7 had more fun with the pizza (they weren’t even interested in the sandwich). You can see the pattern DS7 made above.

Still, a total of about 15 minutes of play time divided between three kids. I think if there were more choices, this would be a better activity, and we are considering adding more felt options with our own felt just for fun.

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