52 Week challenge Week 21: Shavuot prep

Cheese blintzes with blackberries.Shavuot is speeding toward us! Outside of Israel, it is a 3 day Yom Tov–it falls immediately after Shabbat, so it’s like 3 days of holiday strung together. That’s a lot of organizing, especially if you are planning to not have to cook those days.

Since I am still not in my own home after our move, I am staying with family and preparing, but only some things. So I don’t have a great menu to offer for this year – but here is our menu from last year. We’re keeping it pretty simple this year, with blintzes, lasagna rolls, indonesian peanut saute and spinach and feta salad, and gazpacho. Plus fresh challah and fruits and veggies, of course!

Here are some other Yom Tov and Shavuot resources:


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