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Korach: Resources and ideas

In this week’s parsha, a man named Korach leads a rebellion against Moshe and Aharon. He and some others challenge the leadership. In addition, 250 followers bring a spice offering to show they should be Kohenim, too. In response, the earth swallows the rebel leaders and fire consumes the ketoret bringers. Then, bnei Yisrael complains […]

Reader question: Dishes and kitchen on Shabbat 4

In this week’s challenge, we’re working on our Shabbat: organizing it, getting preparations done more smoothly, and now…the kitchen. Shuli asked a good question that is very relevant to me – and I’m guessing a lot of other readers, too. Shuli writes: “I don’t like to spend the whole shabbos cleaning up and washing dishes […]

Our Shelach challah

Are you making challah today?

Remember, this week is when we get the mitzva to take challah! (Here’s more information if you’re not sure what that means.) I’ve heard that’s its a segula, but not for what or from where. And I have no sources for backup on that. But taking challah is a good way to connect with the […]