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English: Miriam and Aaron complain against Mos...

English: Miriam and Aaron complain against Moses, engraving from "The Bible and Its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, vol. 2", edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer, published by Francis R. Niglutsch, New York, 1908. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this week’s parsha, we learn a little about the menora, the tribe of Levi starts serving in the Mishkan, the Second Passover is started, we hear how a cloud and fire led the Israelites. Silver trumpets led the Israelites, and there was complaining by the Israelites despite the miraculous manna Hashem sent. Quail were sent to appease them, but they came with a plague as well. Judges were appointed to help with Moshe’s duties. Last, we get a lesson in lashon hara when Miriam questioned Moses and was punished with leprosy.

Links: Here are the Aish,, and Chabad pages on Behaalotecha. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, and a fun video from Itche Kadoozy.


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