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How does your garden grow?

You probably have a garden planned if you are going to put one in. We actually had grown and harvested romaine and herbs, and had broccoli and cauliflower growing in our garden when we moved from our house. Last year, we had hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, and melon.

But back to the topic of this post…Whether you are an expert gardener or a wannabe-gardener, getting your garden set up can be tricky. What grows best near what, should you rotate plants (and how?), and what is good in the area you are growing?

These questions and more can be answered at the website called Smart Gardener. You sign up for free and then:

  • choose your garden size/shape
  • pick the plants
  • get your customized (FREE) plan
  • get weekly to-dos to keep things growing and healthy
  • keep a garden tracking journal
  • and more!

(This isn’t something I’m being compensated for. It’s just a good way to plan and organize a garden! And once we’re settled in our new home, bli neder we’re going to be planning a new garden.

Do you have a garden?


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