Are you making challah today?

Remember, this week is when we get the mitzva to take challah! (Here’s more information if you’re not sure what that means.) I’ve heard that’s its a segula, but not for what or from where. And I have no sources for backup on that.

But taking challah is a good way to connect with the parsha this week (Shelach), and really … have you ever regretted making homemade challah?

I made challah above with my kids this afternoon. My  8 year old made the “shin” on one loaf for the parsha. This is just some of what we made. My house smells awesome!

If you’re on the fence, make it!

Looking for a recipe? Here are a few to try:

Do you have a good recipe? Are you making challa (and taking it) this week?

Shabbat shalom!

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