52 Week Challenge Week 26: Family Room / Den 2

family room project

Wait – stop and read that title again. Week 26. Of 52! We’re halfway through 2012 already! WOW! How has it been going?

I’ve had a big (as in to-a-new-continent) move, which has thrown me a little off track, but this week comes at a good point: we’re setting up our family room.

Let me say a little about the house I’m living in now. It’s fine. It’s got plenty of space. But it’s not how I would like it (especially the kitchen – 4 tiny cabinets? Made for a kosher kitchen it is not!) But this is where we’re making our home temporarily, so this will work. We’ll figure it out.

Speaking of working it out … that brings us to the family room in this new house. We have formal entertaining space upstairs (for work parties especially), but for our family “den,” we took over a room previously designated as storage. In all fairness, it’s a pretty big room! We put in a rug, a sofa and some comfy chairs, and bookcases. There is where our DVD/game TV (special treat!) is in a cabinet. The other half acts as a playroom for the kids. This fits our needs for lounging space, reading space, and playspace. It gets used every day.

We got to start from scratch and work out how to use what we had. How about if you’ve already got a family room?

To renew your family room, a good first step is decluttering. Do you have anything there that shouldn’t be there? Move it out! Putting things away leaves you free to analyze what is left.

So what do you use your family room for? Is it anchored by a bookcase, a TV, a fireplace, or simply comfy furniture situated so people can talk? Consider rearranging, adding, or even removing furniture if it suits the room’s function better.

And if you find this is the place where people read, be sure the books and magazines are there. Or if this is the spot for board games, make them easily accessible (although not to the 2 year old – ask me how I learned that lesson someday…)

The point is to clear up the clutter and make your family room or den inviting and fun. And then to find the time to enjoy it yourself, of course!

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