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English: The Two Reports of the Spies: Numbers...

English: The Two Reports of the Spies: Numbers 13:17-20, 23-33, illustration from Bible card published 1907 by Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week, we start our fifth and final sefer (book) of the Torah: Devarim. This whole book is basically a long speech from Moshe to the Israelites that recounts their journey and the Torah during the last 5 or so weeks of his life.

Moshe begins with a general overview, rebuking the people for their failures and encouraging them to keep the Torah. He recalls appointing judges, the 40 year journey, the meraglim (spies).

He also reviews the wars which Bnei Yisrael have fought recently; against Moab, Ammon, Sichon and Og. Moshe also recounts the settling of several of the tribes on their side of the Jordan. Last, Moshe encourages Joshua, saying not to fear the enemies and that Hashem will fight for him.

Links: Here are the Aish,, and Chabad pages on Devarim. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, and a fun video and and Parsha challenge from Itche Kadoozy. Here’s a kid friendly parsha podcast, and here, you can read an entertaining parsha summary.


Make the bed of the giants for dessert. (photo from parshacakes)

Glitter stars (Hashem promises bnei Yisrael will become more numerous than the stars) (photo from challahcrumbs)

Or do this star stamping craft (photo from Adventures in Mamaland)

Can you think of anything else to add?

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