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Wow. The kitchen gets a lot of use in my house! Inspired by several blogs that have chronicled their kitchen for a day, I’ve decided to open my kitchen to readers, too. All 4 kids are home all day (BH!) and we’re often doing things together. Here’s our Tuesday (and a loose recipe!)

We served yogurt with homemade peanut butter granola and mandarin oranges and bananas for breakfast.

Then the kids and I made playdough – and played with it. Since we started with red (OK, pinkish red, despite a LOT of food coloring), yellow, and blue, we explored some secondary and tertiary colors by mixing.

Then we had waffles for lunch –  a triple batch made enough for two more meals worth for my freezer. (YAY!) Plus carrot sticks and frozen mango.

Now, I have cookies baking. We made snickerdoodles, which are a buttery cookie with cinnamon and sugar. Yum. (And these have been a snack for everyone today, along with apple slices, washed and prepared by the bigger kids.)

Actually, I made a double batch of cookie dough and froze half in two logs, ready to go for the next time we have cookies in mind – just slice, dip in cinnamon and sugar, and bake!

For dinner, we’re having salad and a cornbread bake. It’s a casserole that is basically Mexican “chili” topped by my regular cornbread recipe and then baked. Here are the rice, beans, spices, cheese, and taco or tomato sauce that make up the filling. I don’t think everything is in there quite yet, but get the idea. I put them directly in the pie pan and mix.

Then I make my regular cornbread recipe and seal the filling in with the cornbread batter. (You could use a mix, too).

Then I bake the pie at 400F (just like I would do to my cornbread) until it’s browned and ready to go.

Actually, I made two so my freezer stash can benefit, too!

You’ll notice that my freezer has added a new cornbread bake, two logs of cookie dough, and two meals worth of waffles. All just today! Since we recently moved to a new house (and country!), I’ve been working on filling my freezer again. But that’s another post…

What’s cooking in your kitchen today?

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2 thoughts on “In my kitchen today…

  • Leah

    Wow, you moved to a new country & your house is already so organized! What a delicious Tuesday you had w/ your children! I am looking forward to reading your tips on freezing foods. I have just finished organizing my kitchen & stocking staples (whew!). My next step is to plan meals for the week. As I see in your beautiful photos, you are always planning ahead & saving yourself time by freezing. I still have to learn what foods freeze well & I think I will start with soups. Your blog is inspiring to read. Thanks!