52 Week challenge week 32: Getting ready for school


We’re getting into August now, and that means that school is around the corner. If you’ve seen any ads from almost any of the stores, you’ve probably seen all of the deals. Everyone wants you to come in and buy your school supplies there!

First, you should get a list of the supplies needed and see what you have already in the house. Then, make a list and see where the best deals are.

But back to school means more than just the supply list. It’s time to start thinking about other things as well.

First, consider the goals you had set for the summer – have you met them? Can you work them in still? Summer can be a fantastic time for family trips and bonding, and the looser schedule could make it easier to get some things accomplished. If you’ve set goals (and you should!), evaluate your progress and plan.

Next, consider the clothing your family has and needs. Think about the chagim, too! We’re 6 weeks out from Rosh Hashanah and counting. The means Shabbat and Yom Tov clothing as well as school things. What do you need? Starting early means that you’ll have the time to get what you need at good prices.

Another important consideration is the routines you will set up. It takes time for the routine to become a routine, so it’s better to start a week or two early. What time will everyone go to bed and get up? What things need to happen each night and morning? Now is the time to practice: making lunches, picking out outfits, packing backpacks, etc.

Of course, if you’re a homeschooler, like we are, things are a little different. Our routines will be different, but not too drastically. I have already purchased the majority of our books and other school supplies, and we’re gearing up for an awesome year – but that’s another post.

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