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Moshe continues his speech, promising that with the observance of mitzvot, they will prosper and grow in the promised land. He reminds them of their continued rebellions and complaining (hence the name of this week’s Itche Kadoozy video, “We whined a lot“).

Moshe tells them about the land they will soon enter, and to destroy all of the idols to help them realize that Hashem got them here. There are lots and lots of foods mentioned in this parsha.

The second paragraph of the Shema is here as well, with a repetition of some key mitzvot and a promise for rewards or punishment dependent upon observance of mitzvot.

LinksHere are the AishTorah.org, and Chabad pages on Eikev. Here are some coloring sheets, a parsha song, a fun video from Itche Kadoozy, and a parsha challenge.


Speaking of whining, is now a good time to talk with kids about it?

Here is a cute game of I spy from malachim me’mitzvos shesah

This week’s talk about mann/manna brings up some interesting discussion about challah and bread at Pragmatic Attic

Here are some recipes using the 7 species for Pashat Eikev from Themed Thinking

More ideas using the plethora of food references in this parsha from Elisha’s Double Portion

Or check out this fruits cake from parshacakes

Make a lego mezuza like this one from the Bible Belt Balabusta

What are you doing this week?

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