Waterbottles – an awesome company recommendation!

Remember way back when, when I wrote about how we keep everyone hydrated with reusable water bottles? This picture is from our table. We’ve since added another one, since my 16 month old can manage the bottle and likes her own. I really, really liked these bottles even then.

But these camelbak bottles were starting to disintingrate after 3 years of daily use (and abuse – they’ve all been dropped a bunch). What I mean by that is that the top started to have things chipped, and the attached straw started coming out of the cap and barely staying on when in use. And I wanted to replace the caps (and not the whole bottle, since the bottle itself is fine for each), but couldn’t find any of the style we have.

So I wrote to Camelbak. I told them we had 6 bottles, 3 caps needed replacing, and asked if they had parts or could help me find a compatible style. I got an automated note back thanking me for contacting them. And then shortly after that, I got 5 new caps in the mail! They didn’t charge me for “upgrading” to the latest style, and I hadn’t even asked for them!

Why 5 instead of 3 or 6, I’m not sure, but we are very happy anyway. I still have a few new bitevalves for the older style, and three of those are still happily in service, so I’ll replace with the new style as needed (and eventually buy 1, I guess). But what great customer service. Now I like these even more than before!

So if you are looking for an easy and earth-friendly way to keep everyone hydrated, without spills and confusion over which cup is which or wasted water and time washing cup after cup, I can highly recommend these bottles!

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