Rosh Hashana debrief and Yom Kippur planning

English: On Rosh Ha Shana,the jewish New Year,...

How did your Rosh Hashana go? Now is the time to write your thoughts in your Shalom Bayit Book (AKA Household notebook). They’ll be ready to help you next year as we get ready to do it all over again! (I learned the leek patties and honey in general are a hit on the plus side, and not to forget the grape juice when you go away for the holiday and to bring a bib for the beautifully dressed 1 year old  who will eat without reserve at our hosts’ house!)

It’s the fast of Gedalia today, and I hope it’s an easy one for everyone who is fasting.

Speaking of fasting…we have one week – well, less than that, now – until Yom Kippur. And of course, Shabbat is coming quickly. So back into planning mode we go!

I’ve got some good posts ready for you: ideas on your pre and post fast meals, a Yom Kippur checklist, Tishrei Inspiration, and ideas on keeping kids happy and fed with minimum fuss on the actual day. Plus the regular Shabbat organization here, too.

Shana tova! Yay for 5773!

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