52 Week challenge week 38: 10 days inspiration

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We are in the 10 days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – the days of repentance. These are days to be inspired, to look back on our lives and see what we need to change, to repent and apologize for our wrongs, to give extra tzedaka, and to live with extra care. We can make changes and make our lives better!

Here are some concrete and specific things you could do:

  • Focus on “cleaning up” speech and thoughts (Here is a yahoo group you can join with 2 short lessons a day via e-mail)
  • Give tzedaka today – there are a lot of options online, and in person, there are synagogues, shelters, schools…
  • Make a resolution (with your name or anonymously) and sign up for e-mail reminders if you want them
  • Do something nice for someone else – even a little thing.
  • Find a good shiur or two and learn along. Here are some you can get online.
  • Daven (pray) and ask for help. Daven to say thank you. Daven even just to say hi!
  • Apologize to someone you have wronged. It’s hard, but it’s part of tshuva, and you can do it!


This work is harder than cleaning and organizing your house. Baby steps make it possible. We are capable of doing it, and will iyh move on and up to better things!
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