Another great Torah Home Education Webinar is coming!


Public Service Announcement from the organizers of the Torah Home Education Conference:
The Torah Home Education Group Presents:
Webinar #2 – Let’s Shmooze
Our Homeschool, Pulling it Together…”In the Beginning”
Now that the holidays are over – “Ayeka?  Where are you?”  Bring your cuppa’ to our upcoming chat on Tuesday evening, October 30, from 8:30 to 10:30, EST.
We will discuss the shift into ‘full gear’ now that the chagim have passed. This conversation will be moderated by Shoshana Zohari, an experienced home educating mom and Jewish homeschool blogger.
So find a comfy chair, get your mug of tea or coffee and LET’S GO!!
* This program is free of charge. For any questions or more info, email

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