Lech Lecha stars (parsha project)

And He took him outside, and He said, “Please look heavenward and count the stars, if you are able to count them.” And He said to him, “So will be your seed.”

This is part of this week’s parsha, Lech Lecha (the quote is from Genesis / Beresheit 15:5).

So we made scratch-off paper and used it for stars!

To make scratch off paper is pretty easy, although your hand may get pretty tired. 😉 Start by completely covering your paper (we used notecards) with colored pencil. You can do a design, stripes, random patches, whatever you want.

Next, cover the whole thing in black crayon. Cheaper (e.g. waxier) is better. We went with what we had.

Last, scratch away to reveal the colors beneath. We use the back of a pencil and tried out different kinds of stars. Lots of different “kinds” of Jews, right? 😉 The important thing here is not to use crayon for both layers – you’re scratching it off, so you need different things. (We’ve also done black paint to cover – whatever works!)

And there you have it!

Happy Lech Lecha! (Check out the rest of the projects and ideas for Lech Lecha here. There are ideas for all of the parshiot under the Parsha tab across the top.)

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