52 Weeks Challenge Week 44: Coats closet

Load Coat Closet Shelf

Load Coat Closet Shelf (Photo credit: flatiron32)

If you are lucky enough to have a place for your coats, now is the time to go through it!

I don’t have a coat closet in my current house. We hung up some Ikea hooks on the wall at two different heights, and the other coats are stored in our wardrobes.

But in my previous house, I had a full closet for coats. It’s something that many people take for granted!

So is yours a magnet for other things, like folding chairs, or backpacks, or things to get out of sight when company is coming?

With the seasons changing, now is the perfect time to sort it out and make it work for you. You can start by taking everything out if you want to go the whole 9 yards, or just going through each coat and assessing if it should still be there. We always have size changes to take into consideration, so the too-small coats need to be put into their bins. I also group by warmth – right now everyone is wearing a sweatshirt or lighter jacket, but we have the heavy winter coats out and ready, too. They are just farther in while the lighter things are easily accessible.

Then think about what else should go in the closet. It helps to group things by function as you go. I’ve had hooks for people’s cold weather gear, or stacking baskets with things like gloves, umbrellas, slings for babies, even a first aid kit and tissues. The main thing is to make it functional and not a clutter and/or junk magnet. The things you do have there should he helpful and useful. If not, get rid of it!

And once everything is put back into place, you’re ready to welcome the colder seasons.

I didn’t say happy, just ready. 😉

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