Saved again! A story of cookies, surprise work guests, and my beloved freezer


Remember a few weeks ago when I had surprise work guests for dinner and 20 minutes to get it made? Well, I had a flashback today. Except it was Friday night when a mini-crisis happened, and a work colleague of my dh dropped by to straighten it out. Then they decided to come by over the afternoon the next day for some family introductions.

Which was fine, but it was Shabbat so I couldn’t bake any desserts to serve and had to go with what I had on hand. I have two logs of snickerdoodle dough, another two of gingersnap dough, and some pumpkin cake balls that aren’t dipped yet in my upstairs freezer, ready for surprise guests…but I don’t bake on Shabbat! I could open a package of Oreos or something like that, but I don’t have a lot of that on hand.

That Shabbat, I had made these special brownies for some impromptu dinner guests (new neighbors), so that was one item I could use. Then I went down to my freezer, took a breath, and peered inside…to find some iced lemon cookies I made a froze a month or so ago (recipe from Martha Stewart).

And so when our guests arrived on Saturday after lunch, we had homemade eggplant relish, hummus, and olive tapenade with crackers (thank you Amazon subscribe and save!), brownies, and lemon cookies along with tea and juice. I’m so glad I actually had some baked cookies in the freezer to cover a time like this.

Now I’m off to bake some more! Any suggestions on what kind?

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