21 days: Bite sized pieces and a cheerleader

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So I didn’t post about this yesterday because…well, I didn’t do a piece of my mega-project. I got caught in a school project with my boys for 2 hours longer than anticipated (and it was GOOD!), and with early Shabbat, I didn’t do extras. My desk was clean (daily habit) and my kitchen was clean (life hack). But I didn’t do a piece of my routine goal.

Day 9 is about breaking your goals into pieces that are achievable. I already kind of covered this in day 4. An important point is change up your goals if you are stuck – that’s hard, because you don’t cover what you planned to, but at the same time, it might give you the boost you need.

Day 10 is up next. Today we are thinking about who can be a cheerleader, someone who is willing to help hold us accountable. Maybe a spouse, a sibling, a good friend? The first assignment is to list three potential cheerleaders for a project you are working on.

Other assignments: Desk and kitchen are clean still / again (Yay! Those are nice habits!) And today, I’ve moved on to brainstorming our list of chores for the kids. I’m working on a post for you to read on that, because chores are kind of tricky. Here’s a previous chores post while you wait. 😉

How are you doing today? 

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