52 Week Challenge Week 45: Kids closets and dressers

clothes bins

clothes bins (Photo credit: supafly)

Those of us who are blessed with children often have clothing in many different sizes and seasons, and need to access the right ones regularly and the others as needed. It can get messy!

Now that our seasons have changed, I went through our dressers today and took out summer shorts and t-shirts, and as I replaced them in their marked bins, I took out warmer clothes and put them into the drawers.

Here’s how my system works:

First each child has a large, labeled and lidded bin organized by size in our laundry room or room (depending on house layout). Their bin has either their current size (the three older boys) or the one we’re going into (my baby – girl, since we just switched out). These are the bins to go to first if something is missing, or we run low on something, or when something is outgrown. Then I’ll know if I have it or need to get it!

In our storage room are all the other clothes  sorted by size. As I pass things down, I keep only the things we like, that are whole, and those that are unstained.

Coats of all types I keep in a separate bin with a range of sizes, and boots or barely used shoes are separate, too.

And babies have their clothing several sizes to a box, something like 0-6 months or even 0-12 months. These get switched out much more quickly than the others!

A list of what you have is helpful, but I know I have one box of generally wearable clothes in each size, so I don’t need an item by item list (especially more than I need my sanity or my sleep). If I run out of something, like pants (without holes in the knees!), I will note it on the box label so I’ll know I need more when someone comes into that size.

And there you have it.

I have also heard of people organizing by clothing type (like boy’s dress shirts in one container). Other people just keep lending out their unused sizes until they are needed. The main thing is to find a system that works and then to use the clothes when you need them.

Have you already weeded through the seasonal clothing? Do you have a good storage system? 

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