Making vegetables easy for kids to eat! 2

We all want our kids to eat their veggies. But sometimes, it can be hard to get to them!

Veggie crunch bowl

(This is what was left of a cucumber and carrot bowl I set up while I went to get the camera…it got raided!)

Here’s what I do: When I bring home veggies from a store, I take the time to wash and prepare them. Here’s some of today’s bounty:

Cut veggies


For things like cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, celery, and sugar snap peas, I wash the veggie and cut it up if necessary. (We don’t have baby carrots here, but I would LOVE that convenience!) Then I put big amounts in baggies – we are usually home or eating together, so we save baggies by taking out the amount we’re going to eat. If you are preparing for lunches, you can do individual servings and just take them – easy!

For the record, I do this with fruit, too. The boys wash an entire refrigerator drawer worth of red and green apples (we have some who prefer each type). They are ready to go, either eaten off the core or sliced. I cut up melon and put it in a covered bowl, wash grapes (when we had seedless grapes available!), break up the bananas, set out the kiwis and oranges on our fruit plate, and wash the strawberries.

And then the kids grab a fruit or veggie to snack on first. It’s ready, waiting, and easy, and they do it willingly!

Er…our produce bills are another story, though. πŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Making vegetables easy for kids to eat!

    • Amital Post author

      We haven’t had any spoil – my kids are produce fiends. πŸ™‚ So cucumbers, peppers, and snap peas should be good for a week or so. Carrots, too, although I sometimes need to refresh them in cold water. We don’t have baby carrots here, so they are carrot sticks and they sometimes look a little dry. Melon never makes it past a couple of days, strawberries and grapes, the same. The rest I prep but don’t cut (apples, bananas, kiwi, plums, oranges, etc). I don’t think those would last very long!