“Emergency” Shabbat to go kit

There are times that one of us needs to be away for Shabbat, and sometimes with little or no notice!

Shabbat kit (3)

We have an “emergency” Shabbat-to-go kit to help us handle this. It’s everything you could need for Shabbat in a glamorous container – an old wipes tub…

Shabbat kit (2)

This is packed and ready to go, and all you need to grab is a siddur (too big to fit inside) and motzi of some sort (matza would be good to keep with it if you can make motzi on it – we can’t, unless it’s Pesach!) If dh is traveling and has limited space, this is what he would take.

Shabbat kit (1)

Here’s what’s inside:

  • travel candlesticks and candles
  • matches
  • a kipa
  • a bencher
  • aluminum foil (to put under the candlesticks if needed or cover your motzi)
  • a small bottle of grape juice
  • a collapsible travel kiddush cup (like this one)
  • a baggie of salt
  • a baggie of cloves (besamim)
  • a small havdallah candle (burned down, not specifically bought like this)

Would you add anything?

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