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I’ve written about why routines are important in living an organized, intentional life. But it’s time to get to work now that summer is in full swing.

All the kids are home with me, and we’ve been either hosting guests or out of the city / county for the last 2 months. Now, we’re settling in for the next three weeks at home before we take off to yet another destination, where we’ll be staying for about 3 months. So my routine is very basic and geared toward providing a backbone for our day with flexibility built in – adjust to make yours work for you!

Morning routine (for each child)

  • Check bed (why we don’t make beds here!)
  • Brush teeth
  • Dressed and pjs in washer (we have a family closet in the laundry room)
  • Daven
  • Check chore, plan when to do it
  • Breakfast
  • 2 pages explode the code / 15 minutes reading
  • 2 pages math workbook (about 15 minutes)
  • Play!

Morning routine (for me)

  • Make beds in master
  • brush teeth, dressed, etc.
  • Daven (short, but important!)
  • Breakfast
  • Start laundry
  • Check work and chores
  • Outline day and to do list

I find that I get sidetracked if I check the computer before getting my routine done. It’s easy to find interesting articles or blog posts to read, or remember something I have to shop for, or…whatever it is that sucks up time on the computer. So that’s something I need to do AFTER.

And if I get sidetracked and don’t follow through, it ripples down through the kids and their routines, too. I really am the driving force in the home, and if I want things done, I need to set the right example. Here’s my OJH kid’s daily chart – the first page has words for older kids, the second just pictures for the littler ones.

Coming up: evening routines, weekly routines, monthly routines, and more!

What kinds of routines do you use?



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